The Wind of Change

When I created this blog I thought the time is right to return into the spotlight. Instead of finishing one thing at the time I opened up as many buildings sites as I could. The wind of change should be a storm. And it got a storm that I hardly could control, most of all, because it did not think about the future ahead as well as I should have. I did not care about the fact that I have done things that I don’t like, simply to survive the many crises.

I am caught between more story ideas than I could write at one time, also have come up with blog-posting for two blogs in two different languages and build up my own business under the strict rule Germany has for it. At the same time I realized that I want to change the pen-name problem by returning to the beginning. So all my poetry books shall be published under my real name, while all the stories will be published under different pseudonyms, mainly under Krishan Govardhan.

My safe haven turned into a battlefield, my private life got hit hard by tragic accidents and my publisher closed the business for good. In the middle of all that I suddenly understood I have to change things to get me back on track.

Here I am now, knowing what I want, but not sure about where to start since somehow I managed me into the position to do all at once – an impossible task as it seems. As much as I want to write the stories that form in my mind I first have to leave the battlefield of my private life. The next week hopefully will bring the right answers and set sails into the right future and as soon as I have found/created a new safe haven for me I will be able to write this blog on a constant basis, as it was my wish from the beginning.

Writing is a big issue of my life, not only as writer or poet but even as journalist, however writing also is a topic that I am not very interested in, so I will keep writing related posting to a minimum on this blog and turn toward the topics that I find interesting like nature, history and photography but most of all, this blog shall reflect my private and public life.

The Wind of Change has accessed my writing again and the new ideas are more based on nature and the issues that our planet has right now. When I founded cbvisions photography back in 2011 I wanted to show the world how beautiful this planet is, however, in 2012 the African economic crises, the Somalian famine and the Euro-crises forced me to leave this path and turn my focus on bringing up money as fast as possible. Since that time I simply went on with it until now.

It is time to return to what I wanted at first place now!

It is time that the Wind of Change sets sail into the future I have dreamed of for a long time!

Be my guest on this new journey!


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