Please Don’t Buy My Book

Nice thoughts about it and he is true. Target the right readers from the beginning on, even when the niche won’t hit the big. Selling steadily is better than no selling.

David Gaughran

I’m just back from The Smarter Artist Summit in Austin, Texas. I won’t try and capture the magic of the event – Kobo Mark does an excellent job – but I would like to talk about the big takeaway: the dangers of Also Bought pollution.

Also Boughts are probably the most important aspect of the entire Amazon recommendation ecostructure. And also the least understood.

They are much more than a little strip under your book’s description – they power a huge chunk of the recommendations that Amazon serves to readers.

The Also Boughts are what tells Amazon that the readers of my non-fiction also like reading Susan Kaye Quinn, Sean Platt and Johnny Truant. Amazon uses this data to decide who to recommend books to – because Amazon is always seeking to show readers the books they are most likely to purchase.

For this reason, it’s important to monitor your…

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Guernsey Teddy – Fragments

October 1995 in Guernsey, when I visited my grand-aunt Siggy and her husband Frank Stroobant, local war hero and writer (‘One Man’s War’), I bought a copy of “The Adventures of Guernsey Teddy” by Laurance Deane; the first book I ever read in English and I loved the short stories about the little bear that was such famous on the Channel Island. From that moment on my mind tried to come up with own stories about this teddy. Sadly, I never finished any idea, however, I started to write some adventures, even made some drawings to it, yet just one of those stories has survived. Continue reading “Guernsey Teddy – Fragments”

The Wind of Change

When I created this blog I thought the time is right to return into the spotlight. Instead of finishing one thing at the time I opened up as many buildings sites as I could. The wind of change should be a storm. And it got a storm that I hardly could control, most of all, because it did not think about the future ahead as well as I should have. I did not care about the fact that I have done things that I don’t like, simply to survive the many crises. Continue reading “The Wind of Change”

The Island of Women

Sunday is a good day to read and relax.

Fictive Dream

by Steve Carr

Sitting beside Rita’s bed Cecilia takes a red bead from the bowl of beads on the stand next to the wicker rocking chair she is rocking back and forth in and guides the thin piece of leather through the hole in the bead. Deformed by years of crippling rheumatoid arthritis, that her misshapen fingers and hands can string the beads at all surprises me. Making the strings of beads and selling them at a shop in the El Centro and another shop in Cancun to tourists is how she makes what little extra she can to survive. She refuses money or any financial assistance from me even though I have been married to her daughter, Rita, for thirty years.

As she slides one bead after another onto the string of beads she is making she doesn’t look up at me or talk to me. She hates me…

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